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[opinion] The Role of Art and Culture – Part 1

What is the difference between situation A and situation B? Two young women listening a guide in a room of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice, Italy.A vintage colour illustration depicting an angry customer complaining about his meal to a waiter in a restaurant, circa 1910. (Photo by Popperfoto/Getty Images) We are seeing two different… Continue reading [opinion] The Role of Art and Culture – Part 1

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[opinion] The Activist Spectrum

Activism is all well and good, but, as with criticism, there is constructive and not constructive (what I will call destructive). I would argue that constructive and destructive activism are, perhaps, part and parcel of human activity and protest. Is any faction free from destructive activities or association with destructive activities? And if there is… Continue reading [opinion] The Activist Spectrum

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[YT][posting][response] The Failure of “Solo” Is the Fault of White Men (WCB)

I agree with WCB. The logic of Scott Mendelson is a little off. If the media would believe have us believe that the (white) majority of America is racist and sexist, why did Solo fail at the box office? Perhaps the reasons behind Solo's poor debut is due to a complication of many factors -… Continue reading [YT][posting][response] The Failure of “Solo” Is the Fault of White Men (WCB)