[fanfiction] Distortions In Time – Book 2: Chasing the Past (Wattpad)

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[fanfic rec] Say Goodbye To Yesterday

Title: Say Goodbye To YesterdayAuthor: melonbutterflyStatus: COMPLETE [4 Chapters - 112,000 words approx!!!]Rating: R/MaturePairing: FrostironSummary: The day after the invasion Tony wakes up and his tower is intact again; everything is exactly the way it was before this whole mess went down. It doesn’t take him long to catch up but he can’t figure out… Continue reading [fanfic rec] Say Goodbye To Yesterday

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[YT] Infinity War Trailer (my reaction) I first need to begin with the caveat that my interaction with fandom has always been rather peculiar - in the sense that I have always been more interested in the side characters of a story than the actual main characters. Take Lord of the Rings, for example. My favorite characters were Legolas and… Continue reading [YT] Infinity War Trailer (my reaction)

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[fanfic rec] Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try

Title: Do Or Do Not, There Is No TryAuthor: andquitefrankly, Tumblr: gruvvulousgloveStatus: COMPLETE [38 Chapters]Rating: R/MaturePairing: FrostironSummary: Avengers High School AU. Loki’s a nerd. Not just any kind of nerd. But a huge nerd. With a heart of lead. Why Tony Stark has taken an interest in him is beyond anyone’s imagination. Maybe he wants… Continue reading [fanfic rec] Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try

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[posting][opinion] Distortions In Time: A Character’s Eucatastrophe

A reviewer recently posted a review for Chapter 58. At the end of the review, they state: Again, I am weary [wary] of this story, I love it and I’m exited, but reading some of your comments I get a bit nervous. Like, how Loki has good intentions, but that doesn’t always lead to good… Continue reading [posting][opinion] Distortions In Time: A Character’s Eucatastrophe

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[posting][SPOILERS!] An Interesting or Wishful Theory?

[Infinity War spoilers!!!] A crazy fan theory has surfaced: in a nutshell, Loki was faking it. Again. This theory argues that Loki was in fact the Hulk, who was sent to Earth by Heimdall. In this iteration, the Hulk is with Valkyrie all along with Korg and Miek, potentially returning to Earth in Avengers 4.… Continue reading [posting][SPOILERS!] An Interesting or Wishful Theory?

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[speculation] What is gonna happen to Loki in Infinity War?

When it comes to Infinity War, this Loki fangirl just feels a well of concern forming in her gut. Loki's journey within the Marvel franchise has been mercurial and rocky, which is part of his allure as a character. Placing him firmly somewhere in chaotic neutral, Loki, in Thor: Ragnarok, appears to have landed on… Continue reading [speculation] What is gonna happen to Loki in Infinity War?