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[posting][review] Top Five Intellectual Anime Shows

One of the common misconceptions about anime is that it is a strange and goofy genre designed for middle school students, but while that is true about quite a few that have had massive impact in Western culture (I'm looking at you, One Piece and Naruto), quite a few anime have been created specifically for… Continue reading [posting][review] Top Five Intellectual Anime Shows

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[YT] Kingdom of Heaven Original Soundtrack: Disc 4 (Miscellaneous Artists)

This film is a beautiful masterpiece, under-appreciated due to the unfortunate theatrical release. The Director's Cut of Kingdom of Heaven is a tour de force. The music, like the film, was obviously a source of conflict as various other pieces were inserted by Ridley Scott in replacement of Harry Gregson-William's work. Although I love Harry… Continue reading [YT] Kingdom of Heaven Original Soundtrack: Disc 4 (Miscellaneous Artists)