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[posting][school piece] The Role of Film in Art and Culture

Every other month or so, I sit down to re-watch one of my favourite artsy docufilm Oceans (Disneynature). Why do I watch it so often? What is it about this film that draws me back again and again? Why do people watch films? What role does film play within art and culture? Cultural theorists have… Continue reading [posting][school piece] The Role of Film in Art and Culture

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[posting][review] Black Panther’s Wakanda

Jackson Square Landmark Cinemas sold out Black Panther tickets for at least five days straight. I finally managed to find a showing one evening with three seats for my brother, my friend, and I. I was excited for a variety of reasons: I have always wanted to see a cat-themed superhero (Catman, for example); I… Continue reading [posting][review] Black Panther’s Wakanda


[movie review] Thor: The Dark World

Thor: Ragnarok isĀ one of the few movies I am looking forward to seeing next year. I say "looking forward to", but I would be lying if I didn't admit to some concerns. This is mostly in part due to what I consider to be the travesty of Thor: The Dark World. As I was going… Continue reading [movie review] Thor: The Dark World