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[YT][posting][response] “China Hates SJW Star Wars” Provides Food for Thought This is pretty legit. After spending eight-and-a-half years in China, I have gained some insight into current Chinese Mainland culture, which should not be confused with other Asian nations and cultures, including Taiwan and Hong Kong. In a previous post where I discussed some commentaries regarding Solo's flop and China's poor showing, I also… Continue reading [YT][posting][response] “China Hates SJW Star Wars” Provides Food for Thought


“If scientific beliefs are just a particular culture’s mythology, how come we can cure smallpox and get to the moon, and traditional cultures can’t? And if truth is just socially constructed, would you say that climate change is a myth? It’s the same with moral values. If moral values are nothing but cultural customs, would you agree that our disapproval of slavery or racial discrimination or the oppression of women is just a western fancy?”

-Pinker, Steven Pinker: ‘The way to deal with pollution is not to rail against consumption’ (Anthony).