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“All of us are engaged daily with works of art, even if we are neither professionals nor amateur artists. We read books, we listen to music, we look at posters, we admire flower arrangements. Art, as I am using the word, does not include just “high art”, that is, painting, sculpture, poetry, classical music, but also the more popular expressions – the novel, the theatre, the cinema, popular music and rock. In fact, there is a very real sense in which the Christian life itself should be our greatest work of art. Even for the great artist, the most crucial work of art is his life.”

-Art and the Bible, Francis Schaeffer, 49.

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[YT] Kingdom of Heaven Original Soundtrack: Disc 4 (Miscellaneous Artists)

This film is a beautiful masterpiece, under-appreciated due to the unfortunate theatrical release. The Director's Cut of Kingdom of Heaven is a tour de force. The music, like the film, was obviously a source of conflict as various other pieces were inserted by Ridley Scott in replacement of Harry Gregson-William's work. Although I love Harry… Continue reading [YT] Kingdom of Heaven Original Soundtrack: Disc 4 (Miscellaneous Artists)