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[posting] Sherlock: Idealization of the Detective Machine

Around twelve or thirteen I became obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, and after seeing a Basil Rathbone feature, I fell in love. Sherlock Holmes has been the ultimate word in intelligence since the first tales came out in The Strand Magazine. As England underwent a rapid change during the 18th century, people began to become more… Continue reading [posting] Sherlock: Idealization of the Detective Machine

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[literary] The Uncanny Landscape

The Uncanny Landscape In what ways do our environments reflect and link to ourselves and our health – and vice versa? In what ways is selfhood mirrored and submerged within our various internal and external landscapes? Stemming from revelations, how does the uncanny operate as a space for questioning and negotiation? Before answering these questions,… Continue reading [literary] The Uncanny Landscape

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[book review] Goodnight, Mister Tom

Goodnight, Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian is a less well-known children's classic, which had enthralled me as a teen. Perhaps enthrall isn't quite the word. It gripped me. Emotions aren't something I comprehend on a regular basis, but Goodnight, Mister Tom has the power to stir even this Spockian reader. Now, as a grown and… Continue reading [book review] Goodnight, Mister Tom