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[review] Why Science Is Wrong …About Almost Everything (Alex Tsakiris)

Recently, there has been an academic and social backlash towards the elitism of the scientific community as new slogans have arisen. "Science is a construct", taken at face value, is one of those popular buzzwords that should - and must - be brought into question. A better statement to theorize is: the trajectory of current… Continue reading [review] Why Science Is Wrong …About Almost Everything (Alex Tsakiris)

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[conversation] Solo: A Star Wars Story – and the Kessel Run Conundrum

I initially enjoyed Solo: A Star Wars story, and agree (along with Ben Shapiro and Redlettermedia) that Solo is by no means the worst Star Wars film out there. However, there were a few issues with it - and oddly enough, after a lot of thought, I came to the decision that I didn't like… Continue reading [conversation] Solo: A Star Wars Story – and the Kessel Run Conundrum

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[posting][opinion] Distortions In Time: A Character’s Eucatastrophe

A reviewer recently posted a review for Chapter 58. At the end of the review, they state: Again, I am weary [wary] of this story, I love it and I’m exited, but reading some of your comments I get a bit nervous. Like, how Loki has good intentions, but that doesn’t always lead to good… Continue reading [posting][opinion] Distortions In Time: A Character’s Eucatastrophe

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“All of us are engaged daily with works of art, even if we are neither professionals nor amateur artists. We read books, we listen to music, we look at posters, we admire flower arrangements. Art, as I am using the word, does not include just “high art”, that is, painting, sculpture, poetry, classical music, but also the more popular expressions – the novel, the theatre, the cinema, popular music and rock. In fact, there is a very real sense in which the Christian life itself should be our greatest work of art. Even for the great artist, the most crucial work of art is his life.”

-Art and the Bible, Francis Schaeffer, 49.

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[posting][school] Digitizing Nature: Negotiating and Mobilizing the Virtual

Meet Hydria, my virtual succulent garden in a pot, which is looking rather dry. I would like to think that if Hydria were located on my smartphone and not on my tablet, I would care for her better. The truth is that my forgetfulness has killed more than one plant before, and Hydria may be… Continue reading [posting][school] Digitizing Nature: Negotiating and Mobilizing the Virtual

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[posting][poetry] Spectrum

white is the numbness of the mind pain that drowns my sinking soul breaks Vision with boredom of time memories will take their toll yellow is hallucination codes which build reality illusion makes a coffined life memories which none can see red is the colour of regret blood which spills upon these hands slicing up… Continue reading [posting][poetry] Spectrum

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[posting][review] Top Five Intellectual Anime Shows

One of the common misconceptions about anime is that it is a strange and goofy genre designed for middle school students, but while that is true about quite a few that have had massive impact in Western culture (I'm looking at you, One Piece and Naruto), quite a few anime have been created specifically for… Continue reading [posting][review] Top Five Intellectual Anime Shows

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[posting][school piece] The Role of Film in Art and Culture

Every other month or so, I sit down to re-watch one of my favourite artsy docufilm Oceans (Disneynature). Why do I watch it so often? What is it about this film that draws me back again and again? Why do people watch films? What role does film play within art and culture? Cultural theorists have… Continue reading [posting][school piece] The Role of Film in Art and Culture

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[posting] Carmilla and Laura: Feminine Representation

Setting aside the moral descent and ascent of Alucard in the Hellsing manga series and internal dilemmas of Father Abel in the sci-fi horror manga Trinity Blood, most popular vampire imaginings today often fail to delve into the psychological and spiritual world of the vampire, choosing instead to focus on the human drama or the… Continue reading [posting] Carmilla and Laura: Feminine Representation

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[posting][review] Black Panther’s Wakanda

Jackson Square Landmark Cinemas sold out Black Panther tickets for at least five days straight. I finally managed to find a showing one evening with three seats for my brother, my friend, and I. I was excited for a variety of reasons: I have always wanted to see a cat-themed superhero (Catman, for example); I… Continue reading [posting][review] Black Panther’s Wakanda