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Rashomon: Kurosawa’s Yata no Kagami for our souls

Those who dismiss the "naivete" of humanist's "wishful thinking" have not adequately plumbed the depths and horror of nihilistic thought. In the wake of the death of God, we must ask: is it better to be hope against hope for a better future in the face of despair and harsh reality or to commit suicide?… Continue reading Rashomon: Kurosawa’s Yata no Kagami for our souls

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[YT] Top 10 Naruto Hand to Hand Combat (ViniiTube) ViniiTube's List (#1-#10) Kakashi vs ObitoNaruto vs Sasuke (Final Battle)Naruto & Sasuke vs MomoshikiLee vs KimimaruThe Shinobi Alliance vs MadaraLee vs ShiraSakura vs ShinNaruto vs Sasuke (First Battle)Sasuke vs OrochimaruKakashi vs Kakuzu I wanna add that I really loved the Pain vs Naruto, Gaara vs Lee, and Jiraiya vs Pain fights as well. I… Continue reading [YT] Top 10 Naruto Hand to Hand Combat (ViniiTube)


[art][ink and marker] Mandala-ish #2

Before every art therapy lecture, our art therapy professor/instructor gave us 15 minutes to "de-stress" and relax by drawing mandalas, pictures, or art. We were told that these pieces of art would, later in the semester, be interpreted/critiqued by us in terms of art therapy - what they could possibly mean and what part this… Continue reading [art][ink and marker] Mandala-ish #2


“Mandala-ish” (Note 4 Art)

Infinite Studio Mobile created the most amazing "photoshop" app for Android: the Painter app,¬†which I paid to unlock (for a minimal sum) in order to use the full set of tools. No regrets. I have recently discovered the kaleidoscope and symmetry tools which have enabled me to create digital "mandalas". I hesitate to call these… Continue reading “Mandala-ish” (Note 4 Art)