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[video game][opinion] Why I Think “The Last of Us: Part II” Will Be Forgotten

Why will The Last of Us: Part II most likely be forgotten? Why should it be forgotten? I think TLOU:P2 lacks the necessary elements to appeal to a universal audience. I haven't played the first part or the second part, and I don't intend to because the genre is generally unappealing to me. However, after reading the… Continue reading [opinion] Why I Think “The Last of Us: Part II” Will Be Forgotten

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[writing] LitLectures – Mythology 101 It's 2020. As we grapple with changes to popular franchises and stories, we might wonder what is going on. Some may recognize ongoing negotiation surrounding concepts of myth and canon. What is myth and mythology? What role does have in modern society, if any? Base Definition According to the Oxford Lexicon, myth is described… Continue reading [writing] LitLectures – Mythology 101

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[writing][biographic] My Dad: A Series of Vignettes

A knock on my door. “Can I come in?” My dad’s voice sounded muffled on the other side of the door. Setting aside Ricky, my raccoon stuffed animal, I sat up. “Yeah. Come in.” I knew what was gonna happen. I was going to talk. He was going to listen, and then he was going… Continue reading [writing][biographic] My Dad: A Series of Vignettes

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[random thoughts] Where Do You Hide Your Heart?

Where do you hide your heart? The question always reminds me of Amy Grant’s 1984 track on her hit album Straight Ahead. Her song encouraged us to turn to God during times of distress. It got me thinking about why people do what they do, particularly during times of conflict or stress. Passion and drive,… Continue reading [random thoughts] Where Do You Hide Your Heart?

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Rashomon: Kurosawa’s Yata no Kagami for our souls

Those who dismiss the "naivete" of humanist's "wishful thinking" have not adequately plumbed the depths and horror of nihilistic thought. In the wake of the death of God, we must ask: is it better to be hope against hope for a better future in the face of despair and harsh reality or to commit suicide?… Continue reading Rashomon: Kurosawa’s Yata no Kagami for our souls

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[writing][poetry] Sonnet VI

READ HERE Turning the pages of memory’s book,I recall those moments that could not last,Long shrouded within the fog of the past;I wonder: what would I find should I look?A word aptly spoken or careless thought?Time well-spent and valued or thrown away?Surrounded by love or abandoned one day?My heart well-guarded or easily bought?Then with a… Continue reading [writing][poetry] Sonnet VI

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[YT] No Man’s Sky Dev has Advice for Fallout 76 and Anthem

For the first time, I kinda disagree with Lamon Gamon 😦 All three games (NMS, F76, Anthem) represent a general failure of the video gaming industry. However, out of the three evils, Hello Games and NMS do represent something... more unfortunate and less malicious, in my opinion. Considering that F76 and Anthem are the products… Continue reading [YT] No Man’s Sky Dev has Advice for Fallout 76 and Anthem