[YT] No Man’s Sky Dev has Advice for Fallout 76 and Anthem

For the first time, I kinda disagree with Lamon Gamon 😦

All three games (NMS, F76, Anthem) represent a general failure of the video gaming industry. However, out of the three evils, Hello Games and NMS do represent something… more unfortunate and less malicious, in my opinion. Considering that F76 and Anthem are the products of Triple-A game companies with tons of employees, it is worse to see how poor the product is and how lackluster and tone deaf the updates have been. Furthermore, both F76 and Anthem have microtransactions and etc. On the other hand, NMS is the creation of a very small team who had little to no proper PR experience and who had limited time and money to get through the development process. The result was disappointing (not for me because I missed the hype train), but at least we can say now, with the free updates that have drastically improved the game, that the game, for what it is, is quite good with a promise of more. I wish Hello Games the best and hope they steer clear of the nonsense money grabbing going on in the industry and keep on delivering good games – on time and as promised.

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