[fanfic rec] Whipstitch

Title: Whipstitch
Author: KaasKnot
Status: COMPLETE [27 Chapters]
Rating: M
Pairing: Loki/Sigyn
Summary: It dawned fair and clear, the day they sewed Loki’s lips shut.

My Thoughts [****** 6/7 Stars]
* Character (½ star)
* Plot
* Grammar
* Descriptive
* Complete

This fic, I think, is the unsung story of the Loki fandom. With lush descriptions, thoughtful, well-plotted characterization of Loki and Asgardians and Asgard itself, and an interesting plot, this fic is, IMO, a good example of what fic can be.

As I noted, lush descriptions give this story real depth. There’s a feeling that the author really sat down and thought on a practical level how Asgard would run, what it would look like and what kind of social environment the entire world would have presented over the years. Do I agree necessarily with the author’s take? Not always, but it is a strong work which shows a lot of craftmanship and thought – and thus is definitely respect-worthy.

The characterization of Loki, Sigyn and others in the work are a real joy to watch unfold. This is a slow build kind of story (although only 27 chapters) – but we get the sense of time and things having their natural course. Sigyn and Loki’s romance is very believable… Really it’s the story you would call “feel good” – perfect for those hormonal days where you want to read something about someone’s life who gets better and is not as messed up as your own. Perhaps. That being said, a word of warning: toward the climax, Sigyn may appear to be a little Mary Sue-ish. Some, who love to insert themselves into characters, may enjoy it. I am more wary of OCs, so my eyebrow rose a few times.

Finally, the plot is interesting. I like the ultimate war and battle and the role of Loki was really cool. Once again, folks looking for a strong female character will enjoy this story’s Sigyn. This isn’t a girl who totes around a bowl to fill poison up. This Sigyn is a whole different kind of creature all together. PHYSICALLY IMPERFECT HEROINE FTW!!! In a way, she brings hope to Loki in a realistic way. So there is intrigue and plotting and fighting and all the good things that make up a great story.

The size of the story itself doesn’t lend to an epic quality, but because of the author’s quality writing, you do enjoy every moment and wish it could have lasted longer when you get to the end of it.

That being said, a qualifier: tagging. I was a bit put off by the total lack of tagging. I felt like tagging would have been nice here. A mild reference to Norse mythology, perhaps. Still, one can guess by the summary where this is going to lead, but tagging would have been great. That’s just me.

All in all, Whipstitch should get more shoutouts. Go read it and enjoy it~!


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