[irl] Pay It Forward

Working at Timmies, I see the best and worst of people. Today I wanna share two stories about people who were amazing.

First one is about a guy, who reminded me a lot of my dad. He had two gift cards, bought himself a coffee, and then told me that he always forgets the cards and that he is wasting them. This older guy then pushes the cards across the counter to me and tells me to use them for as long as they last on the following customers at the express line. I do so. The cards, totalling around 40 dollars at least, cover quite a lot of coffees. Most of the customers are truly touched by this surprising Santa – who disappeared right away. I too was exhilarated by the chance to be a part of charity. So wonderful.

The second one happened yesterday. An older man (this is a legit trend) told me to pay for the next woman’s coffee. Then he took off. When I told the woman that her coffee had been paid for, she expressed gratitude and shoved her money at me and told me to buy the next person a coffee. I did so. The next person (a younger woman) then paid for another person, who upon hearing that they had been paid for, paid for the next. A total of 5 people participated in this pay-it-forward, reminding me that there are a lot of distressing things going on in the world today, but if we keep focusing on ourselves, our behaviour, we can make the world a better place, one small action at a time.

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