[random] Naruto Episode 421: The Meeting I Didn’t Know I Wanted To See

One of the best things about Naruto Shippuuden is the time scope of its narrative. While having flashbacks within flashbacks is often confusing to the point of annoyance, I do have to say I am loving the extended background stories (small arcs) that are cropping up during the war.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

As a Kakashi fangirl, I have to admit that I have been literally rocking back and forth in my seat ever since Gai opened the Eighth Gate. I know how this is gonna turn out – but I can’t help but feel moved by the narrative. Gai and his (kinda loser) dad, Maito Dai, lead us through a narrative that pokes at the gaps in ideas surrounding effort as epitomized by Gai and Lee. Does effort actually get you anywhere? How does that compare to genius abilities and destiny?

Hatake Sakumo (genius) and Maito Dai (effort)

These kinds of harsh questions are tempting. I’d like to unravel the ideas further, but I am content at the moment simply to squee over the occasional glimpses into Kakashi’s early life as well. (The other Obito memory flashbacks were amazing too!)

From an earlier flashback of Obito’s memories…

Before long, I was wondering what would it be like for Hatake Sakumo (the representation of success and genius) to meet Maito Dai (the representation of failure and effort). Particularly since Maito Dai ultimately dies to protect his son, and Hatake Sakumo dies at his own hand because he couldn’t handle the social pressure of failure.


Kakashi and Sakumo approach the Academy… Who do they bump into?
The Maito family!!!

What is this gloriousness, Episode 421?!?!

Sakumo is hilarious!!!
Oh dear. Haha.

Two single fathers and their respective offspring… It’s just too cute!

Gai introduces himself.
Sakumo tells Kakashi that he needs a rival and that he should ask the boy’s name because the boy will be very powerful one day.

I want to talk more about this episode in detail (maybe I will later), but I’m content for now to just rewind and enjoy the goodness all over again

And maybe again one more time…

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