[fanfic rec] Say Goodbye To Yesterday

Title: Say Goodbye To Yesterday
Author: melonbutterfly
Status: COMPLETE [4 Chapters – 112,000 words approx!!!]
Rating: R/Mature
Pairing: Frostiron
Summary: The day after the invasion Tony wakes up and his tower is intact again; everything is exactly the way it was before this whole mess went down. It doesn’t take him long to catch up but he can’t figure out why he’s in a time loop – so he does what anyone would: fuck things up while trying to find a way to fix this. Somewhere along the way, his priorities change and suddenly he finds himself involved neck-deep in Norse family drama, along with some other stuff.

My Thoughts [****** 6.5/7 Stars]
* Character
* Plot
* Formatting
* Grammar
* Tagged Appropriately
* Descriptive (½ star)
* Complete

Skip this review. Go read this amazing story. NOW. (But if you don’t believe me, read onward.)

When I began this Tumblr, I went through my file folders of saved fics (which I read on my Galaxy Note) and etc – and made a list. Lists. Many. And of course, these lists got longer and longer and will still be added to as time goes by.

At any rate, “Say Goodbye To Yesterday” was always up in the top five with “Small Things” and “With Friends Like These”, even though in comparison it does not appear to be as popular. Which is so sad.

Why is it up there with the other greats?

Firstly, the plot is mind-blowing. MIND-BLOWING. And the point of view, being Tony’s primarily (if not entirely), means that our mind is blown away with Tony’s as he begins to realize what this is all about. Which is about… well, our favourite God of Mischief Loki. Two words – time loop.

Totally brilliant! And original! I’ve never read anything like it before – and it’s great! Well-thought out and although the plot gets a little sprawl-y Chapter 2 onward, I particularly loved Chapter 1. I can’t say much more than that – but Tony blowing up his own tower is awesome. What fanfic writer has done that before?

Secondly, it’s super hilarious. Did I mention Tony blowing up his own tower? And Jarvis repeating himself over and over and over and over and over and over again? Instead of rushing through each loop, we are allowed to enjoy various versions of reality – pink tutu ftw – lolz – Sorry. See? This is what this fic does to me!

Thirdly, the characterization is really quite good.Tony could be a BIT more babbly-snarky and stuff… but this is just me being nitpicky. At any rate, Loki and Tony are prickly and unwilling to team up at first – and then desperation sets in and they end up having to save the universe together. It’s great!

Are you STILL reading this review? WAI? GO NOW!

But if you still need convincing – your arm twisted – I can say that the story is complete and it’s larger than it looks. It just goes on and on and on and on – in a good way – and then it ends at an appropriate time. That’s great as well.

If I was going to nitpick something else it’s the use of present-tense for the narration. I think its Hunger Games’s fault – the emergence of these fanfics written in present tense. But this story was STILL awesome to me and I STILL re-read it again and again and again and again.

Seriously, other than “Small Things” this is one of 2 or 3 fics that I have reread more than 3 times!

Get reading this fic now. You’ll be back again and again and again and again and again for more.


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