[fanfic rec] Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try

Title: Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try
Author: andquitefrankly, Tumblr: gruvvulousglove
Status: COMPLETE [38 Chapters]
Rating: R/Mature
Pairing: Frostiron
Summary: Avengers High School AU. Loki’s a nerd. Not just any kind of nerd. But a huge nerd. With a heart of lead. Why Tony Stark has taken an interest in him is beyond anyone’s imagination. Maybe he wants to socialize him. He possibly sees the advantages of Loki being super cool. Or maybe, just maybe, Tony wants to be his friend, which is probably the most far fetched reasoning yet.

My Thoughts [****** 6/7 Stars]
* Character
* Plot (½ star)
* Formatting
* Grammar
* Tagged Appropriately
* Descriptive (½ star)
* Complete

Ignore the fact that its a high school AU and get ready for an interesting ride of teenage angst and bizarreness and other things that don’t quite make sense… but are still awesome. [Churrobos anyone?]

AUs should be treated with caution. That’s the first rule of fanfiction-reading-thumb. Even more so, high school AUs. However, there is something awesomely genuine, believable, and fascinating about this fic – and it should be given a chance.

When it comes to AUs (and I’m writing a few to my shame as I speak), the key is to dwell on character. Any author with half a brain should realize this – and if you are writing an AU currently and this hasn’t occurred to you yet, please return to your work again and review it carefully. What AUs offer is the chance to see the people we know and love in totally unfamiliar situations – and this entire concept is undercut if the person in question is out of character. OK. End rant.

So, it’s great to see a wonderfully in-character Loki and Tony (and gang) rubbing shoulders (and other things) at their local high school. Tony is chatty, scatter-brained, rich, SNARKY, and hungry for intimacy (whilst upholding his rep for being a ladies/anything man). Loki is angry at the world, elitist, witty, SNARKY, and has issues (when doesn’t he?). What is so awesome is that Loki wants to have friends – apparently – and it’s up to Tony to help Loki become more… attractive and friendly… to his classmates and the world at large. It’s not going to be easy, Tony!

I gave the plot half a star because it isn’t rocket science, and there aren’t any plot twists or anything like that (which are always cool), but that shouldn’t scare you off. You aren’t reading this for the plot (although some parts are funny) – you’re reading it for the dialogue.

Case in point:

“What do you want, Stark?” Loki asked as he took a bite of his apple, not even looking up from his book as Tony sat at his table.
“I’ve been thinking – ”
“Congratulations,” Loki drolled. “Would you like me to phone the press?”
“Nah. I’ll have my P.A. do it later,” Tony grinned.

LOLZ. Ahhhh… It gets me all the time.

Read and enjoy this if you like witty repartee, a look into teenage life (which I usually abhor) and the struggles we all have with connecting. In the end, it’s very much a case in which the blind lead the blind – but happily, not into a ditch, this time around, but a chance to live life with the one you love. Even if you are dependent on a robot. Or are a snarky nerd with no life.


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