[FB Video Response] Are we natural meat eaters? (Life Changing Videos)


“Try to kill a pig without tools cuz animals don’t use tools”. UM. Animals DO use tools to get food – any of the primates, sea otters, raccoons, and birds among others. [1][2][3] This comment about only eating food you can gain with your hands bothered me so much because it is evidently untrue. I could potentially kill another human with my own hands – does that make cannibalism natural?

“Imitating nature is the best way to live our lives.” Illogical. Animals participate in cannibalism and parent-sourced infanticide, for example. Should we also go down the path of the animal – killing each other and eating each other?

“If you don’t want to watch it happen yourself, it shouldn’t be happening.” The unnaturalness of killing is evident in people not wanting to see an animal being killed. Some people (like me) wouldn’t care about seeing an animal killed for food. I worked in a meat factory for a year and a half, handling turkey carcasses. Didn’t put me off meat. I did become more conscious of food safety dangers and the importance of handling meat well, but it didn’t stop me from eating meat. Only namby-pamby people (like the types who pretend fetuses aren’t living to justify third trimester abortion) are like that. They’d be the first to go in the zombie apocalypse… and can’t be used to prove anything.

My thoughts…

As a Christian there are some discussions over whether humans were intended to be vegetarian and whether all of creation was vegetarian, which brings up a host of questions  frankly. Either way, talking about what was is illogical since we live in the now not the idealism of the past.  The best thing we can do is to encourage better – more respectful and safe – animal slaughter and meat handling practices.

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