[discussion] Divinity: Original Sins 2 Gameplay (small spoilers)

Below is a short story about some gameplay I enjoyed/endured/experienced while playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 on my PS4.

A great game. In some senses, the toughness of your choices is similar to that of Witcher 3 and the Dragon Age series.

So, what happened today was…

After looting the remains of a large bear, Fane, Ifan, The Red Prince, and I bump into a hapless, young, half-blinded Magister in the forest. We tried to make him see reason – to no avail. We ended up putting him to the sword, unfortunately.

I felt sorry for him, even though most Magisters are dicks. He was so earnest and young.

Our ragtag bunch went round the corner and further up the hill, coming into a circle among rocks. Three moaning individuals tied to crosses ringed the small clearing. Pattering between them and bemoaning his comrades’ fates, an elderly Elven seeker tended to his fallen friends as best as he could. He warned us that if we tried to heal them, they’d die – but he couldn’t bring himself to put them out of their misery.

Apparently, the Magisters put the poor Seekers through some arcane ritual intended to turn them into Shriekers.

Terrible. Just terrible.

Especially as I recalled that by young Magister Loke I had looted a bunch of purge wands from crates within his upturned caravan.

One minute you feel sorry for them. Next minute you hate them.

I went down the hill on the other side and found a small baby bear crying for his mother. Fane (who has the Pet Pal ability) spoke with the little bear. His mother was missing.

Oh…. no…

I told him the hard truth, and the four of us followed him back to the slain momma bear. The baby bear could not stop sobbing.


A rough hour of gameplay. What a mindflip. Not as bad as Dragon Age 2… but close.

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