[posting][poetry] Spectrum

white is the numbness of the mind
pain that drowns my sinking soul
breaks Vision with boredom of time
memories will take their toll

yellow is hallucination
codes which build reality
illusion makes a coffined life
memories which none can see

red is the colour of regret
blood which spills upon these hands
slicing up my wrists, neck, heart
memories are flowing sands

blue is the pain of sorrow
rain which trickles down this face
these precious tears turn into stone
memories none can erase

black is the evil inside me
vices that call in the night
i’m lost in mazes of misdeeds
memories I cannot fight

Note: This poem was inspired by Saiyuki, a Japanese anime and manga. The colours are linked to the four main characters: Sanzo (white), Goku (yellow), Gojyo (red), Hakkai (blue). The last colour, black, is all of them together… (and perhaps myself as well).

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