[posting][short piece] Nanny and Timmies

And lo, Nanny came unto the land of McMaster University, and she followed the congregation of the people – the students, and the teachers, and the staff – into the Student Center.

And Nanny said unto herself, “Thou shalt not go to Timmies before the appointed time, that time which is when your friend Michelle will come unto thee.”

But Nanny raised her eyes, and she saw Timmies, and she saw Timmies was fair indeed, for the line was short and the smells thereof were well-suited to her.

And Nanny said within her heart, “Am I not capable of buying Timmies twice in a day? For, behold, yesterday was pay day and treating oneself to a pre-exam fortifying drink and a post-exam congratulatory drink is only a matter of course.”

So Nanny did partake of Timmies. French Vanilla Cappucino and a Sugar Loop, she did eat, and she ate of them very well.

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