[speculation] What is gonna happen to Loki in Infinity War?

When it comes to Infinity War, this Loki fangirl just feels a well of concern forming in her gut. Loki’s journey within the Marvel franchise has been mercurial and rocky, which is part of his allure as a character. Placing him firmly somewhere in chaotic neutral, Loki, in Thor: Ragnarok, appears to have landed on the right side of history by returning to aid his brother in defeating Hela.

The question is whether these life choices (and the choices of Marvel Studios) will land Loki on the survival spectrum of the Infinity War.

Well, it isn’t so difficult to break Loki’s future into two basic outcomes: DYING or SURVIVING.


A. …as a dick

—–> So basically, Loki tries to save himself by handing over the Tesseract and then is killed. I don’t see this happening only because Feige wouldn’t say he’s an ally of Thanos unless Loki was hanging about a little longer. Of course, Feige could be trolling us, but this picture did show up on the internet.


So, it looks like Loki is going to be alive (for some unknown amount of time) and he will be (or appear to be) allied with Thanos’s gang [see my post on Loki’s loyalties here]. Whether he will die as one of them remains to be seen.

B. …as a hero

—–> Loki tries to save his people and Thor and tries to bargain with the Tesseract and then is killed. I could kinda see this happening but that would put question marks around Loki’s credits in Infinity War II… and Feige’s “Loki is Thanos’s ally” remark… and the photo above.

Feige’s remark about Loki’s alliances is prolly more of a red herring than not, though.


After Loki hands over the Tesseract, he promises to help Thanos… and at the first chance he gets, he skeeves off and disappears for the rest of the film. Unlikely, due to the two reasons above: Hiddleston’s credits in Infinity War II and Feige’s comment. Furthermore, it wouldn’t make for good drama after three films of awesome brother-rivalry content.


Loki either gives the Tesseract to Thanos as an ally or as an attempt to save people… but at some point he is injured (by Thanos or an Avenger), so he can’t help anyone. Think coma or something like that. Unlikely… but a possibility.

Another way for Loki to be “benched” would be to become a hostage or prisoner of Thanos, only to return or be freed in Infinity War II. The photo above is problematic, however.


My hope is for this one. Loki appears to have sided with Thanos, but in reality, he is trying to help the Avengers in secret. At this point in time, he may even be imprisoned. In Infinity War II, his secret efforts are made known…

at which point he either…
A) is killed
B) survives

If B, he may choose to either…
A) stay with Thor
B) travel the universe

I would hope for B, because that would allow Loki to grow as a character, use his shape-shifting abilities to utilize other actors/actresses’ skills, and continue on for a long while.

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