[posting][fanfiction] Distortions in Time: Book II (Marvel Cinematic Universe Loki)

Distortions in Time: Book II update is here on Wattpad!

Some praise for the Distortions in Time story on FF.Net and other sites:


I started reading this story in a search for a good Loki story that wouldn’t reek of the same used and reused tropes. You did a marvelous job. There is everything one might want from a story here, and it feels fulfilling and complete in a fantastic way. And yet, there is still room for more and that’s what’s most amazing: you worked with this as life does, it isn’t complete because life isn’t either. He can still learn and go on and he will continue making mistakes but he will also continue learning. There is such promise to this Loki.

This is the first time that I read a Loki fic for the sake of Loki. This story is about Loki, and not a ship or Loki through the lens of someone else. This is his story and the story of his growth and it feels me with the joy of seeing someone overcome so many terrible things and still go through all that in a graceful way and caring about others. He is amazing.

Thank you so much for this story. I will forever cherish it. I hope to see a sequel to this.


I’m so glad I waited until this story was complete before reading. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop. I loved the character voices, world building, and seeing Loki’s journey. I had a great time reading. Thanks!


This was really well written it seemed in my unprofessional opinion . I usually like more romance in my stories (and Mal is/was? really cool:) but it was always so enthralling that I didn’t miss it that much. If after your rest you decide to write a sequel ,I would definitely be interested in reading it!


many longer fics are difficult to read because they drag things out too much and it’s easy to lose interest. when reading this, my attention didn’t waver at all. your characterization of loki was fascinating to read. there were hints of canon elements, but this loki was still clearly your creation with motivations all his own. i never struggled to read this. i grew so attached to your loki and to this world you’ve created, inspired by the norse myths and marvel yet still so original and unique. i felt compelled to keep going. every time i learned something new, i always wanted to know more.


This took me forever to read, and yet not for one chapter did it bore me. I just have to say, well fucking done, because this is a masterpiece that has brought to light a great deal of understandings of how the Marvel-verse can coexist and the reasoning behind multiple elements in the Thor/Avengers universe. I am truly impressed and offer my sincerest gratitude for your creation of this magnificent work of art.


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