[posting] Nan and Joy: A True Story

‘Do you like to be alive or to be dead?’
‘Well, when I’m alive, I can do things with you. When I’m dead, I’ll be happy with Jesus.’

‘When you go to heaven you get a new body.’
‘I don’t want a new body! I like mine.’

‘Oh, but you will be beautiful!’
‘Like Pastor Payne?’
‘Does Pastor Payne have a bootiful body now?’
‘Nan? Nannnny!!!!’
‘Hmmmm? No, he’s just a spirit now. When he gets a beautiful body, we will get one, too. We’ll go to heaven where there’s no crying, or pain, or hunger, or thirst. You won’t have to go to sleep. In heaven there is no moon or sea. There will be, I bet, angel horses and seraphims and cherabims-‘

‘Oh, dear! I’s forgot!’

And I went back to Vocabulary.
And she, to sleep.

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