[YT] “Beyond the Invisible” (Enigma)

Enigma’s videos are artistic, but the content is often divisive, perturbing, perverse, and/or sacrilegious. That being said, Enigma’s films should provoke thought on the topics they are addressing. Beyond the Invisible is one such film. Touching on the idea of the escape to Nature in order to not only find peace and understanding, but also a sensual embodiment, Enigma appears to be heavily linked to concepts imbued within the Romantics (like Whitman and Yeats).

Recently, 19th century literature seminar studied Gerard Manley Hopkins, and this video really resonated considering how Hopkins linked Nature and man’s “selving” to the importance of the senses and being embodied. I’m also reading James Edward Smith’s book Desiring the Kingdom, which has really challenged me on how I perceive faith and worship in my Christian walk.

Warning: NSFW

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