INTJ Habits Die Hard

This morning, I read this on this new app I got:

“….Every morning you get on this treadmill called life.

Things starts pouring on you from everywhere demanding your attention. You think you’re in control, but most of the time, you’re just reacting to what’s happening around you. Your children need to go to school, colleagues send you emails, Facebook notifications, etc.

There remains, though, a time where you have a complete and full control of yourself, where you can have your own Secret Garden.” – Fabulous Me

My intinctual response was… Not me!

I got just a tiny bit huffy and then a bit proud.

But then I read this later on in the same day – What Meyers-Briggs personalities fear:


That they are ultimately at the mercy of their external environments. INFJs and INTJs believe that their thoughts rule their environments – to the point where they often loathe admitting that they cannot completely transcend reality. These cerebral types have trouble acknowledging that their external environment actually governs most of their actions, reactions and even their mindset – not matter how hard they work to control their own mental state. These types are highly reluctant to account for the fact that factors outside of their control can ultimately affect and impact their internal world.”

Hahaha. I was totally an INTJ today. I have a lot to learn.

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