Old Fanfic Corpses

What is worse than an old fanfic you had let go and, as a result, haven’t updated in a while? Dunno. I suppose an old fanfic which is badly written which you had let go and you wanna update it but it’s, like, um, how can I update this piece of crap?

Somehow people still love it and comment on it and talk about it and you’re, basically: facepalm. And then maybe you’ll heave a large sigh and try to poke at the fic in a desultory fashion – but it’s too late. It’s a fanfic corpse. More or less.

Trying to write for it in your new voice is like putting new wine into old wineskins… and it gets to the point where, if you feel REALLY guilty, you end up having to go back to the drawing board and hammer it into a better, newer shape.

I have a couple of those right now clattering like dried up skeletons in my fanfic closet.

*shuts the door and locks it up and throws away the key*

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