I feel sorry for all the Naruto/Blood+/other fandoms who followed me for those mentioned fandoms and now have to deal with my recent interest obsession with Loki from the MCU-verse. Yes. Ahem. So sad. (Not repentant at all.)

To be frank, I’m so glad to join the Avenger fandom because it’s a lively place and so diverse and I think there’s a lot to write about since it’s a fairly new fandom. Already tropes are spawning as rapidly as plot bunnies, but for the most part, it’s rather fresh and almost anything goes. There are large holes in the fandom plot-wise – which allows for originality to a large extent.

Of course, IMO, there is a lot of crap floating about – and I really feel sorry for those people who have to trawl through the huge amounts of fic to get to the “good stuff”. On the other hand, what better way for a newbie writer to get some writing practice in? (But really, folks, at least get basic punctuation in – you know who you are!) I’m not the most grammatically correct either and, as a result, should get a serious beta to take care of my fics. Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to find a beta who will just deal with grammar and plot holes and not actually try to write the fic for me. LOL.

You can tell I’m a bit of a control freak – right?

At any rate, there’s going to be some mention of some of my more recent work in the Loki fandom – so be prepared~!

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