Since the age of seven, I’ve enjoyed writing, and as time has passed on, this love has grown to envelope a variety of genres and interests. My love for language and literature spurred me into entering the educational sector. After nine and a half years living and working abroad in China, I have returned home to Canada to upgrade my education level from an associates degree in English Literature to a Master’s degree in Education. When I had left university around 10 years ago, the Humanities had been fatally attracted to – like moths to flame – postmodern critical theory. Having returned after some time away from the madness, I have come to realize that with Cultural Marxism and other “culture/gender/[insert specialization] studies” added to the mix, the Humanities is well and truly circling the toilet bowl drain.

Pardon my poor metaphors, but when you find yourselves surrounded by cowed, unempowered young people who can’t craft a thesis or use a comma, much less critically question their professors…

Even behind the Great Firewall, I have, over the past five years, become aware of rising social tensions, clashes, and debates over various aspects of culture, society, and politics. However, at a certain point, I became worn out by the constant bombardment and outrage.

What can I do?

I can write. I can teach. I can lead by example.

These I can do.

This blog is one step I have taken in order to respond to the madness.

If you are interested in social commentary, literary reviews, YouTube videos, music, creative writing, original and fan fiction, or just short opinion pieces, this is the blog for you. Hopefully, you will find this blog interesting (and maybe a challenge) as you explore the world I am discovering.